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Picture It First Software was built on the experience of Virtual Framer Software which came out in 1996.






Framer's Edge purchased the Virtual Framer source code to use as a starting point for Picture It First Software. Our major focus was to make modifications to the software to make it very easy to use. It served as our first beta that was shown at the Decor Expo in 2004. After making the improvements, it was decided that, in order to make the program even easier to use, it had to be rewritten. The user interface of the beta was modified some, but all of the code was re-written from scratch.





Picture It First Software debuts at the West Coast Art and Frame Show in Las Vegas.

The Camera Interface is added to Picture It First for the Decor Expo in Atlanta. It added a new level of ease of use to the program. We also added V-Grooves and the ability to change the Mat Width without taking a new picture.





For the West Coast Art and Frame Show in Las Vegas dual screen support was built into  the program. This allows the custom framer to work on one computer monitor that includes Picture It First and POS software while the customer sees the framed images on a second computer monitor. This keeps the private information on the POS software window from being seen by the customer.





Picture It First Software version 4.0 debuts at the West Coast Art and Frame Show in Las Vegas.

Mat bevels are added along with the ability to have separate images of the corner pieces and the artwork.


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